Welcome to Govcon Glass!

Our fast, efficient mobile service offers the added convenience of professionally completing the replacement at your premises.
Our sales teams, both internal and external, are service oriented and aspire to fulfill all of our client's needs.

Our commitment is to supply quality automotive glass products and exceptional service to the general market.

  • Lamin8 comes standard with a scratch resistance of 4H.

  • All of the film is a double polyester layer. This increases the film stress resistance from impact. The colour is also stored in-between the polyester layers ensuring that there is no run off during the installation.

  • We use the highest quality adhesive. It is unfortunately not very well known that the stronger the adhesive, the more protection is offered to the consumer against flying shards during an accident or a smash and grab attack.

  • All of our film is produced in line with ISO 9001 standards.
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  • Leading Automotive brand of glass.

  • Consist of triple layer protection that resist shattering on impact.

  • Prevents flying objects from penetrating the passenger compartment.

  • Our products not only guarantees you a quality product, it also means that as an automotive glass fitment centre, we have successfully trained and completed official training with an accredited Training Centre.

Fuyao Glass Industry Group Ltd is one if the top 5 largest automotive safety glass manufacturers in the world's automotive industry, and a public listed company in Shanghai Stock Exchange in China.

Over 20 years experience of supplying auto glass parts to vehicle makers, Fuyao has been fully equipped with necessary machines, laboratories and certified teams to supply quality products to OE Customers. It also enables Fuyao to supply OE Equivalent products to the aftermarket.

Sturdy, Safe and Certified Workmanship.
Our certified fitters are trained to fit
glass professionally and efficiently.
We stocks a wide range of glass for cars, LDV's, trucks and mini bus taxi's - for most local vehicles.

Our technicians use only the most trusted glass products that are quality approved by the Automobile Association of South Africa and adheres to installation standards and bonding methods recommended by vehicle manufacturers.

At our fitment centre you will find trained technicians, highly skilled in the art of replacing automotive glass.
  • Automotive glass supplied & fitted while you wait.
  • 12 months workmanship guarantee.
  • Chip repairs.

What is the difference between the glass on the windscreen and the other glass windows on my vehicle? Windscreen glass is laminated , unlike the rest of the glass on your car, which is toughened .Toughened glass is considered safety glass due to the manner in which it shatters. Laminated glass is a different kind of safety glass and is shatter-proof. You can repair a laminated glass windscreen, however when your car's side and rear toughened glass is damaged, it must be replaced

Govcon Glass is also an accredited fitment center to some of South Africa’s leading short-term insurance companies.